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  • The department of pathology TMH, is one of the most modernized and well-equipped department in Jamshedpur catering to basic as well as specialized diagnostic investigations.
  • This is the first lab in Jamshedpur to receive NABL accreditation (since 2014) in accordance with ISO 15189:2012 following the guidelines defined in NABL 112
  •  This was established in 1931 and since 1992, it is centrally located on the first floor of the OPD complex.
  • The department is manned by qualified and well trained 6 pathologists, 1 Biochemist, 2 microbiologists and 45 technical staff of various grades (Technical officers, Sr TLA, TLA, AMT, Phlebotomist).
  • The department is the central clinical laboratory associated with Manipal Tata Medical College , Jamshedpur.
  • It also has a DNB teaching program with 1 primary & 1 secondary DNB seat every year since 2011.
  • The department plays a crucial role in Infection control practices and Biomedical Waste Management of the hospital. 


Services provided by the Department : Section wise

  • 24x7 hours emergency lab service with a wide panel of testing facilities.
  • Single point contact - Lab front desk and accounts counter for ease of payment transactions for the non entitled.
  • Blood sample collection of OPD patients from 7 AM– 9.30 PM on week days & 9AM – 2 PM on Sunday.
  • Departmental routine reports are made available the same day through HMS (Hospital Management System) and through Tata Steel Intranet.


Biochemistry -

  • Routine biochemical tests along with HbA1c, Procalcitonin, 
  • Immunoassay by CLIA - Thyroid profile, Thyroglobulin, TPO Antibody, βHCG, Tumor markers- CA125, CA19.9, CEA, AFP, PSA,         Vitamin D , Vitamin B12, Ferritin, Folate.


Hematology & Clinical Pathology – 

  • Routine haematological Tests: Complete blood parameter, Peripheral smear examination, Malaria parasite detection, platelet        counting, Reticulocyte count, Blood grouping, Sickling test, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate estimation, Direct and indirect Coomb    Testing
  • Special tests- Coagulation profile: PT, aPTT, Fibrinogen, D-dimer, Thrombin time & Mixing studies , bone marrow aspiration and        interpretation, including trephine biopsy, Special stains- MPO, PAS, Perl stain  
  • Hemoglobin electrophoresis for haemoglobinopathies. 
  • Urine & Stool – Routine & Deposit and Semen analysis.


Cytology & Histopathology – 

  • Fine needle aspiration Cytology, Exfoliative cytology, PAP smear examination and tissue biopsies including large Onco resection        specimens (both routine and special stains): H&E, PAP, MGG, PAS, PAS-D, Reticulin, MAT etc.
  • Facility of intraoperative frozen biopsy (The only one available in & around Jamshedpur), facilitating intraoperative decision        especially in Cancer patients.
  • Immunohistochemistry panel routinely done for breast malignancies- ER PR Her2 Ki67 and few general markers.  
  • We receive samples / slides / paraffin blocks for special tests & review as part of the referral policy.
  • Synoptic reporting done following international reporting protocol e.g. CAP. 


Microbiology & Virology - 

  • Automated bacterial culture and sensitivity for Blood and body fluids.
  • Manual bacterial culture for Urine, pus, body fluid and respiratory samples.
  • TB and fungal culture. 
  • Staining- Gram staining, Methylene blue staining, ZN staining for AFB, KOH for fungal, slit skin smear for Lepra bacilli.
  • ELISA for different infectious and autoimmune disease like- HIV, HCV, HBV, HEV, HAV, ANA, Anti Ds- DNA, Anti CCP, Dengue IgM &     Scrub Typhus. 
  • Rapid card test for Dengue, ASO, RA, Chikungunya, PPR for Syphilis, WIDAL, Urinary Beta HCG. 
  • RTPCR for HIV, COVID-19 (ICMR approved laboratory) and Mucormycosis.
  • Card based test to detect Galactomannan Antigen, an indicator for invasive Aspergillosis. 
  • Rapid Antigen test for COVID-19. 
  • Trunat testing – For Covid 19 & Gene Xpert – for detection of Tuberculosis in sputum, pus & Fluids.

Specialized equipment in the department -

  • Fully Automated Biochemistry Analysers - AU 400 & AU640 Beckman Coulter, with precision, accuracy, delta check, online data transfer and a high through put.
  • Fully Automated Chemiluminescence - Access 2, Beckman Coulter- Special analyzer for hormonal assays, Antibody against SARS COVID-19 & various Tumor markers.
  • Two Fully Automated 5 part differential Hematology analyzers - Beckman Coulter DxH. Offering high degree of precision, accuracy with high throughput & online data transfer, based on MAPS technology.
  • ESR by Vesmatic 20 automated analyser based on digital sensing by Opto- electronic unit.
  • Fully Automated blood culture system (BacT/ Alert 3D from Biomeriuex - For Aerobic, Anaerobic , fungal and T. B cultures , facilitating early detection.
  • VITEK® 2 Compact, automated ID/AST instrument- from biomerieux diagnostics for sensitivity testing with MIC values.
  • Rotor Gene Q PCR system:- Open RTPCR/PCR system  from Qiagen.
  • Qiacube HT:- Automated RNA/DNA extraction system for 96 sample at a time, based on spin column technology.
  • Automated PCR master mix preparation instrument from Qiagen
  • Biorad CFX384 Real-Time PCR System
  • Kingfisher K Flex Automated Nucleic Acid extraction system from Thermofisher with throughput of 96 samples, based on magnetic separation technique.
  • Fully Automated Coagulation Analyzer - CA 550 from Sysmax.
  • Fully Automated Capillary Electrophoresis - from Trivitron, for Hb & Protein electrophoresis.
  • Fully automated Urine analyser, Durai - For Routine 12 Parameters & Microscopy.
  • Automated antigen retrieval system – BioGenex EZRetriever V.3 (microwave based)

Proficiency Testing Program in the department -

  • EQAP in Hematology - with AIIMS , New Delhi
  • EQAS in Coagulation : with CMC Vellore
  • EQAS in Biochemistry - with CMC Vellore
  • EQAS in Immunochemistry - with Bio Rad
  • EQAS in Histopathology with NCG team TMC Mumbai. 
  • EQAS in Cytopathology with TMC, Mumbai
  • EQAS in Microbiology with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.
  • EQAS and ILC for COVID RTPCR with NIV Pune and RIMS, Ranchi.

Doctors in this department