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Paediatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with the health and disease of children. At Tata Main Hospital, the department consists of a children’s ward, a paediatric intensive care unit and a special care neonatal unit.

Outpatient unit (OPD) has a paediatric section which includes immunisation clinic. Immunisation is provided by a trained vaccinator. A paediatrician is available for consultation throughout the OPD hours of 9.00 AM to 6.00PM. In OPD, our thrust is not only on treatment of diseases but also on promotion of overall health of children and prevention of diseases, especially nutritional diseases and infections.

Indoor care of children is supervised by the Sr Specialists of the respective unit. During emergency hours as well, specialist paediatrician is available to supervise the care being provided to the children. Physical proximity of PICU to children’s ward ensures prompt transfer of children in need of intensive care. PICU provides care to post operative surgical patients as well as patients suffering from trauma including head injury.

Neonates need special attention immediately after birth. A paediatric doctor is always available in neonatal unit, which is located close to labour room and obstetric operation theatre, to provided support to trained nurses present during delivery. All operative deliveries and difficult labour cases have presence of paediatric doctor at the time of delivery of a baby.


Services offered by the Department of Paediatrics:-

  • Paediatric OPD services
  • Immunisation services
  • Neonatal services with well-equipped level II special care nursery
    • Neonatal resuscitation in LR and OT
    • Neonatal ventilation
    • Phototherapy
    • Exchange transfusion
    • Neonatal thyroid screening
    • Neonatal follow up through OPD
  • Paediatric indoor services (Air-conditioned)
    • Indoor paediatric ward with 5 intermediate care beds for seriously ill patients.
    • Round-the-clock availability of qualified paediatrician on call
    • Paediatric surgery (paediatric surgeon on call)
    • GI endoscopy for children above 7 years of age (in association with department of medicine)
    • Chemotherapy for paediatric cancer patients
    • Asthma treatment facility
    • Blood transfusion and chelation facility for thalassemia patients
    • All common invasive procedures like bone marrow and liver biopsy, thoracocentesis etc.
  • Paediatric intensive care
    • Paediatric monitoring facilities
    • Paediatric ventilation
    • Facilities for CVP line
    • Peritoneal dialysis
    • Rigid broncoscopy (with ENT department)
    • Total Parenteral nutrition

Doctors in this department