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Customer Care

Tata Main Hospital is a patient centric organisation and places due importance to customer relations. To complement the customer care and to be true to its motto “Customer First”, the hospital ensures that customer compliment are addressed promptly and customer satisfaction is measured through routine customer feedback.

The hospital has a formal procedure for grievance redressal/or complaints. Clear information on complaint book availability is displayed across the hospital. The customers can avail these complaint books on demand that are kept in the nursing stations in wards and at the helpdesk in the OPD.

The valued opinion of patients and their relatives is taken through a weekly customer survey that is administered by the customer focus group and doctors. Periodic third party surveys are done by Rotary Interact Club members. The survey results are collated and analyzed regularly and the feedback serves as the basis for improvement in various areas.

Keeping in mind that the majority of the patients are employees of Tata Steel, there is an online service helpdesk for TMH on Tata Steel intranet that allows customers to enter complaints, concerns, query and suggestion.

A Patient satisfaction survey conducted by A.C Nielsen (ORG Marg) shows that the overall satisfaction index or eQ index has increased from 79 in the first survey in March 2007 to 84 in the second Phase in February 2008.

Access to non-employees is available on the hospital website in the feedback section.