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Clinical Society

In 1962 an academic forum, Clinical Society, was started at TMH where clinicians would present interesting cases and discuss it threadbare. The Society completed 50 years of uninterrupted weekly knowledge sharing in 2012. In 1994, the weekly CME programme was started and together these two have contributed immensely in improving the academic environment in TMH.

TMH has played host to the national audience through conferences such as All India Steel Medical Officer’s Conference (1984, 1992, 1997, 2007, and 2015), Annual Conference of Society of Nuclear Medicine 2006, National Conference of the Burns Association of India 2008 and Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology 2009.

The ethos of the Clinical Society can be appreciated through the comments of some of its past presidents:-

"A type of ignorance that is difficult to difficult to understand and appreciate is the one that we professionals can and do suffer from. This is the one in which we avoid available knowledge or having gained available knowledge - do not put it in practice - lack of time, too many patients, lack of library facilities, lack of funds for attending conferences and workshops are (sometimes rightly) blamed. It is precisely to overcome such excuses that twenty-eight years ago, the founding fathers of the Clinical Society, Tata Main Hospital, set this society up. Its main architect, Dr. S. Dasgupta with stalwarts like Dr. K. P. Misra, Dr. S. B. Singh, Dr. J. Tripathy, Dr. P. B. Bharucha, late Dr. P. Heera, Dr. R. Prasad, Dr. X.J. Anklesaria, Dr. K. D. Reddy, Dr. S.K. Dikshit, Dr. P. A. Deshmukh, Dr. M. C. Mishra and Dr. L. R. Agarwal nurtured it through its infancy".- Dr. G. K. Lath, President, Clinical Society, 1989-90
"During the past 28 years this society has continued to meet its primary responsibility to present interesting clinical data and interact in a common forum. It has given opportunity to all sections of the hospital to project their views and educate other department about their unique problems".- Dr. N. K. Das, President, Clinical Society, 1992-93
"TMH clinical society was established in 1962 by the sole endeavour of Dr. S. Dasgupta, the outstanding academician that TMH boasts to have produced. It has grown to its adulthood by the efforts of its illustrious members to one that is recognized today as a very active weekly academic nerve centre in which doctors discuss and share their clinical successes and failures in the pursuit of better patient care and their professional growth".- Dr. B. Ray, President, Clinical Society, 1997-98
"Clinical Society was established with a mission of creating “informed and skilled professionals” in TMH. To surpass the benchmarks that we and our clients have established, we have to continuously evaluate our standards and strive for excellence, all the while reminding ourselves to remain true to our respective vision and missions. It is only with this attitude and perspective that we can continue to serve as best example to those who chose to follow the path that we have set and make a better tomorrow, in line of mission of Tata Steel. This is the whole essence of Clinical society of TMH.".- Dr Somen Chakravarthy, President Clinical society, 2019-2020