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Critical Care Medicine


Critical Care Medicine is a Super- specialty Department which caters to seriously ill patients with life-threatening disease & organ failure, who require life support systems and intensive monitoring. It has two units namely, Critical Care unit and High Dependency unit having a total strength of 36 and 40 beds respectively. The Units, with its state-of-the-art equipment and trained & qualified manpower, work round the clock to provide high end quality care to all critically ill patients. It consists of experienced Consultants, Intensivists, Nurses, Technicians & Physiotherapists who are committed to and drive for good patient care.

The Department of Critical Care Medicine also emphasizes on Academia and constant growth of knowledge and development. It provides regular training in Critical Care for Doctors & Nurses from various other centers across the State. It was the 1st Hospital in Jharkhand to obtain accreditation for Fellowship in CCM (FNB) and it had a successful track record. Later, it was accredited with DNB Super Specialty in Critical Care Medicine, which is an ongoing course. The Department has also trained many Doctors and Nurses through various other Critical Care Courses with a high success rate.

The Doctors are actively involved with publications in Indexed Journals & Chapters in Critical Care Books. They are invited Faculties at various National & Zonal Conferences & Workshops apart from the many presentations at various levels.

The amalgamation of a protocolized care and best clinical practices along with high end state of the art technology and advancement, keeps the Unit at its best in terms of quality patient care and makes it one of the best Critical Care Units in the region.


The team of Critical Care Medicine consists of trained, skilled and highly qualified multidisciplinary Consultants, Specialists, Intensivists, Nurses, Technicians & Respiratory physiotherapist who serve 24 x7 and are highly committed to patient care. 


36 Beds in CCU & 40 beds in HDU  







·       High-end Monitors

·       Advanced Haemodynamic & Cardiac output Monitor

·       Intra-Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring

·       High end Ventilators

·       High Flow Nasal Cannulas

·       Non-Invasive Ventilators

·       Bronchoscopy

·       ABG Analyzer

·       Bed side ECHO & USG machine

·       Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation


Units within the premises

·       Haemodialysis Unit

·       Bronchoscopy Unit

·       ECMO Unit


Academic Courses and Trainings

·       NBE Accredited DNB-SS in Critical Care

·       Doctors’ training (Internal and External)

·       Nurses’ training (Internal and External)

Doctors in this department