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Nodal Centre For AIDS

HIV/AIDS was a socio-economic threat looming over the National scenario in early 1990s. In 1992, the senior management of Tata Steel Ltd. established Nodal Centre for AIDS in Tata Main Hospital with the aim of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS through raising awareness amongst the public in HIV/AIDS and STI as well as to provide clinical care and counselling facilities for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).

It is guided by the HIV/AIDS Policy of Tata Steel Ltd. It is also the CSR arm of Tata Main Hospital offering free services to the non-entitled HIV+ people through Sneh Kendra. The implementation of HIV/AIDS interventions by this department has been recognised at various International and National fora and has brought laurels to the Organisation.

HIV / AIDS Specialist: Dr. H. K. Gardin

OPD Clinic Days: Consultation is available from Monday to Friday 4 - 6 pm in OPD Room No. 206

Services offered by Nodal Centre for AIDS are as follows:

  • Counselling of People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Treatment of Opportunistic Infections, Care & Support
  • Linked to Highly Active Anti Retroviral Treatment (HAART)
  • PPTCT Plus for HIV+ pregnant mother and her new born infant
  • Counselling and Treatment of STI patients
  • Documentation and PEP treatment of Needle Stick Injury cases
  • Awareness programmes at workplace and community
  • Capacity building of medical and para-medical staff