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DNB Courses

DNB Training Programme in TMH

TMH has given great emphasis to academics and this is seen in its Clinical Society which started in 1962 and has an unbroken record of its weekly medical sessions of over 5 decades. Many courses and programmes were started along this institute's century old journey as a testament and recognition by outside educational agencies in our dedication to academics and training. The post graduate DNB residency was started in 1999 and has grown to 9 specialities and 1 super speciality in Critical Care Medicine (FNB) and Diploma programs of Kolhan University.

Hospital Administration:

Medical education leadership and administration

The DNB Programme at Tata Main Hospital is under leadership of Air Marshal (Dr.) Rajan Chaudhry AVSM, VSM (Retd.), General Manager (Medical Services), Tata Steel Ltd who is also the Head of the Institution i.e. Tata Main Hospital. The administrative work is under the Academic Head, Tata Main Hospital Dr. H. K. Gardin who is the DNB Coordinator & Course Director. The thesis submission is vetted by the Institutional Ethics Committee of Tata Main Hospital.

Air Marshal (Dr.) Rajan Chaudhry

AVSM, VSM, (Retd.)
General Manager (Medical Services)
Head of the Institution,
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Phone: +91 657 2224559
Mobile: 07368806130
e-mail: rajan.chaudhry@tatasteel.com

Dr. Homyar Keki Gardin

DNB Coordinator & Course Director
and Academic Head
Academic Cell,
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Phone: +91 657 2642032; 2641126
Mobile: 07763807277
e-mail: dr.gardin@tatasteel.com

Dr. Jojo James

DNB Co-coordinator
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Phone: 07763807212
e-mail: jojo.james@tatasteel.com

Mr. Md. Shahbaz Alam

Office Assistant, DNB Cell
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Phone: +91 657 2641224
e-mail: dnbcell@tatasteel.com

Dr. Mamata Rath Datta

Ethics Co-coordinator
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
e-mail: drmamtadatta@tatasteel.com

DNB programme specialities

The DNB programme in TMH was started in 1999. TMH is accredited to provide DNB training in the specialties listed below. The number of candidates varies with the specialty.

S. No. Department Session Post MBBS Seats Post Diploma Seats Total Seats Accreditation upto
1 Anaesthesia July 2 2 4 June, 2017
2 ENT January 1 1 2 December, 2019
3 General Medicine July 6 NIL 6 June, 2017
4 Obstetrics & Gynaecology July 4 4 8 June, 2017
5 Orthopedics July 2 2 4 June, 2018
6 Pathology July 1 1 2 June, 2017
7 Paediatrics July 4 4 8 June, 2017
8 Radiology July 1 1 2 Under consideration
9 General Surgery January 4 NIL 4 December, 2019
10 Critical Care Medicine (FNB) January 2 NIL 2 December, 2017

Each of the above DNB Specialties / Fellowship has a designated Department HoD and a Departmental DNB Coordinator. They work closely with the Academic Head and DNB Cell to ensure full compliance with all DNB and National Board of Examinations accreditation requirements. Their contact information is as follows:


Dr. D.P. Samaddar
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Mobile: 07763807300
e-mail: dp.samaddar@tatasteel.com

General Medicine

Dr. B. S. Rao
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Mobile: 09234551847
e-mail: drbsrao@tatasteel.com

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Manas Kabiraj
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Mobile: 09234501226
e-mail: manas.kabiraj@tatasteel.com

Orthopaedic surgery

Dr. Santosh Rawat
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Mobile: 07763807092
e-mail: srawat@tatasteel.com


Dr. K. P. Dubey
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Mobile: 09204058305
e-mail: drrkpdubey@tatasteel.com


Dr. Minakshi Mishra
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Mobile: 092046516635
e-mail: drmmishra@tatasteel.com


Dr. Sudhir Mishra
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Mobile: 09204058032
e-mail: drsudhir@tatasteel.com


Dr. Somen Chakravarthy
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Mobile: 09204058142
e-mail: drmmishra@tatasteel.com

General surgery

Dr. S. Pradhan
Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur
Mobile: 07260816141
e-mail: drs.pradhan@tatasteel.com

Click for DNB board site

Admission Procedure

From July 2011, candidates are selected on the basis of marks got in the entrance examination and central counseling (CET) by the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi and the seats are allotted according to the merit list by the board.

Certificates required

Original documents required for verification of their genuineness & authenticity.

Two set self-attested copies of:

  1. MBBS Degree.
  2. MCI/State Registration.
  3. Matriculation/12th Cert.
  4. Diploma Cert.(Only for Post Diploma)
  5. PAN CARD.
  6. NBE Seat Allotment Letter
  7. CET Rank Letter

Also to be submitted are:

  • 3 Passport size color photographs with two stamp size color photographs.
  • Bank A/C details, IFSC CODE along with one cancelled cheque.
  • No objection certificate from your employer (if employed).

Facilities Offered to DNB Students

The students admitted to Tata Main Hospital for DNB courses are offered good clinical training. The hospital has a library, which is open from 4 pm till Midnight. Apart from hard copies of journals and textbooks, an on-line Library Clinical Key is also available to the reader on the library PCs with internet services available in the hospital campus. Provision of Hostel or suitable accommodation will be facilitated subject to its availability and on payment of accommodation charges. For Female residents it will be provided in or outside campus on twin sharing basis whereas for Male residents accommodation will be facilitated outside the campus in TSL/Non TSL apartments on sharing basis.

Spouses of Tata Steel Employees who have been allotted company accommodation will not be eligible for hostel. Married students or those with children should make their own arrangements for accommodation if they wish to stay with spouse or family.

List of successful DNB candidates from Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur

Speciality Year Name Remarks
Anaesthesia 2003 Dr. Koshy Verghese  
  2005 Dr. Ritu Rajeev  
  2006 Dr. Binita Panigrahi Gold Medal Winner
  2007 Dr. Monika Agrawal  
  2007 Dr. Binu Goyal  
  2007 Dr. Asif Ahamad Gold Medal Winner
  2007 Dr. Sonal Bajpai  
  2009 Dr. Nishant Sahay  
  2009 Dr. Abhishek Chatterjee  
  2010 Dr. Achit Narang  
  2010 Dr. A Patro  
  2010 Dr. Amlan Swain  
  2011 Dr. Shailendra Singh  
  2011 Dr. Bhanu Pratap Swain  
  2012 Dr. Himanshu Kumar  
  2013 Dr. Gesu Mehrotra  
  2013 Dr. Avadhesh Pratap  
  2014 Dr. Makwana Durgesh Hasmukh  
  2014 Dr. Patil Prashant Arun  
  2014 Dr. Abhhinav Banerjee  
  2015 Dr. Ankur Dembla  
  2015 Dr. Shailesh Gupta  
  2015 Dr. Bharat Kumar  
  2016 Dr. Madiha Shadab  
  2016 Dr. Mrinal Kamal  
General Medicine 2004 Dr. Bimlendu Kumar  
  2005 Dr. P.K.Padhy  
  2006 Dr. Rajeev Goyel  
  2008 Dr. Ajay kumar Jha  
  2010 Dr. Trivedi Anup Rajesh  
  2010 Dr. Manish Kumar Gupta  
  2011 Dr. Amit Burnwal  
  2011 Dr. Nazia Ansari  
  2011 Dr. Pallab Kr Bose  
  2012 Dr. Peeyosh Rai  
  2012 Dr. Kandarp Bhuva  
  2012 Dr. Haroon Iqubal  
  2013 Dr. Mitalee Kar  
  2013 Dr. Savariya Dinkar R Lal  
  2015 Dr. Kapuriya Mayur Kumar  
  2015 Dr. Bhosale Abhaysinh Uttamrao  
  2015 Dr. Mundkar V Sampatrao  
  2015 Dr. R Ranganadha Rao  
  2015 Dr. Prerna Pallavi  
  2015 Dr. Shiva Kumar  
  2016 Dr. Goli Vasu Babu  
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 2002 Dr. Luna Mitra  
  2003 Dr. Suchitra Das  
  2004 Dr. Swati Singhal  
  2005 Dr. Rashmi Choudhary  
  2006 Dr. Sandhiya Tiwary  
  2005 Dr. S.N Kishore Sopan Rao  
  2008 Dr. Jheelam Mukhopadhaya  
  2009 Dr. Amrita Biswas  
  2009 Dr. Malti Madhu  
  2009 Dr. Archana Singh  
  2009 Dr. I Choudhary  
  2010 Dr. Deepshikha  
  2010 Dr. Oza Hetal  
  2010 Dr. Patil Prashant  
  2011 Dr. Sarita Naik  
  2011 Dr. Shraddha Singh  
  2011 Dr. Sarita Thakur  
  2011 Dr. Ranjana Singh  
  2010 Dr. Geetika Dubey  
  2012 Dr. Priyanka M Goswami  
  2012 Dr. Neeti Agarwal  
  2013 Dr. Minakshi  
  2013 Dr. Shilpa Ghosh  
  2014 Dr. Shikha Prashar  
  2014 Dr. Babli Mehta  
  2014 Dr. Ranju Kumari  
  2014 Dr. Ruby Kumari  
  2015 Dr. Ritika Sethia  
  2015 Dr. Akhila A  
  2015 Dr. Neha Sinha  
  2015 Dr. Bharti Dhondiram Darrabuwa  
  2016 Dr. Shete Vishal Raosaheb  
  2016 Dr. Chandrima Ray  
  2016 Dr. Raut Ankush Nandkishore  
  2016 Dr. Pujara P Arvindbhai  
  2016 Dr. Smruthi Marahe  
Orthopaedic Surgery 2003 Dr. J.K.Laik  
  2003 Dr. Indranil Bhaduri  
  2006 Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh  
  2004 Dr. Priti Ranjan Sinha  
  2007 Dr. Kuldeep Singh  
  2008 Dr. P K Jaiswal  
  2006 Dr. Utsavs Katakwar  
  2009 Dr. Onkar Singh  
  2008 Dr. Sanjay Kr. Chawra  
  2009 Dr. Rudra Naryan Pandey  
  2009 Dr. Vijay Srivastava  
  2010 Dr. Nimesh  Agarwal  
  2010 Dr. Unus Ahmad  
  2012 Dr. Ritesh Kumar  
  2013 Dr. Pankaj Kumar  
  2013 Dr. Jayant Kr Baidya  
  2014 Dr. Shakti Prasad Das  
  2014 Dr. Raj Kumar Singh  
  2014 Dr. Ankur Saurav  
  2015 Dr. Kunal Kanti Pal  
  2015 Dr. Vivek Saxena  
  2015 Dr. Kunal Kanti Pal  
  2015 Dr. Ankur Saurav  
  2015 Dr. Hamza Shaikh  
  2015 Dr. Sravan Kumar S  
  2016 Dr. Md Rashid Equbal  
  2016 Dr. Aman  
  2016 Dr. Suyash Sharma  
Paediatrics 2002 Dr. Sarla Sunder  
  2002 Dr. Meenu Mittal  
  2004 Dr. Vaibhah Nath Bhala  
  2004 Dr. Praveen Kumar  
  2006 Dr. Sushrat Das  
  2006 Dr. Maliabika Behra  
  2007 Dr. Samik Basu  
  2007 Dr. Aayon Sengupta  
  2007 Dr. Rajinder Singh  
  2008 Dr. Preeti Srivastava  
  2009 Dr. Dilip P Manjrekar  
  2009 Dr. Sunil Udgaire  
  2010 Dr. Mahipal Khandelwal  
  2011 Dr. Sonawane S V Rao  
  2011 Dr. Shriram G Shirame  
  2011 Dr. Ramaning Loni  
  2012 Dr. Alok Kumar  
  2012 Dr. Shweta Agarwal  
  2012 Dr. Rakesh Mishra  
  2013 Dr. Kundan Kumar  
  2014 Dr. Sangale A Khanderao  
  2014 Dr. Dhruv Deven Desai  
  2014 Dr. Prabhat Kumar  
  2015 Dr. Ramaya Vedula  
  2015 Dr. Umesh Kumar  
  2015 Dr. Mandiviya Pawan Bharat  
  2015 Dr. Santosh Kumar  
General Surgery 2003 Dr. Debashish Naik  
  2004 Dr. Mukesh Jha  
  2004 Dr. Praveen Agarwal  
  2005 Dr. Prabhjot Saggu  
  2006 Dr. Sanjay Singh  
  2005 Dr. Prem Nagar  
  2007 Dr. Kapil Singhla  
  2007 Dr. N.K.Kundu  
  2008 Dr. Neeraj Choudhary  
  2009 Dr. Sidharth Kumar  
  2009 Dr. Abhinav Singh  
  2010 Dr. Partha Pratim Deb  
  2010 Dr. Saurabh Kumar Singh  
  2011 Dr. Abhishek Kr. Singh  
  2011 Dr. Tanveer Saquib  
  2012 Dr. Sharadendu N Singh  
  2012 Dr. Pranay Kumar  
  2012 Dr. Abhilasha Anand  
  2013 Dr. Mallikarjun G Utagi  
  2013 Dr. Alok Mohan Sinha  
  2015 Dr. Hareesh Kumar  
  2015 Dr. Sachin Batra  
  2015 Dr. Virahaspati Kumar Agrahari  
  2016 Dr. Ravi Nayan  
Radio - Diagnosis 2011 Dr. Rahul Kumar  
  2012 Dr. Syed Zubair Ayoub  
  2013 Dr. Uday Manikrao Zende  
  2014 Dr. Abhishek Gupta  
  2014 Dr. Brajesh Kumar  
  2015 Dr. CH Uday Krishna  
Ophthalmology 2004 Dr. Poonam  Singh  

Reaching Jamshedpur

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Program Structure

The directives of DNB are followed. (Click here for details)

Teaching programme

i. Seminar Once  a week
ii. Case  Presentation Once  a week
iii. Journal Club Once  a week
iv. CME Once a week. All specialties are covered by rotation
v. Satellite Teaching Programme Twice a week  (Monday & Thursday)

There are various components training that are imparted during three year tenure of DNB Residents with TMH. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Bedside Clinic Training.
  • Assisting in all major & minor operations / procedures.
  • Performance of minor surgeries / procedures independently.
  • On call duties during emergency hours under supervision.
  • Assistance in Endoscopic Surgery.
  • Attending Out -patient Departments.
  • Performance of endoscopies under supervision of consultants.

For information or queries pertaining to Academics:

Dr. H.K. Gardin
Academic Head,
Academic Cell,
Tata Main Hospital,
"C" Road West, Northern Town,
Bistupur, Jamshedpur-831001, Jharkhand.
e-mail id: dr.gardin@tatasteel.com; dnbcell@tatasteel.com

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