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Nuclear Medicine


The Nuclear Medicine Department at TMH was established in 1992. It carries out routine Nuclear Medicine scans, Radioiodine therapy for Hyperthyroidism and Samarium therapy for bone pain palliation.

A dual head gamma camera replaced the older equipment in 2006, facilitating shorter imaging time. Bone densitometry will shortly become operational in the department.

Since it is the only Nuclear Medicine installation in Jamshedpur, it caters to a large number of referrals from other hospitals. Around 2500 scans are done each year.



Patients need to take prior appointment for the Nuclear Medicine Scans (Contact: 0657-6641150).

The following scans are routinely performed:

  • Myocardial perfusion scan 
  • Bone scan, including 3-phase Bone SPECT
  • Renal scans, GFR and SPECT study (DTPA & DMSA)
  • Hepatobiliary scan 
  • Thyroid scan and uptake
  • Liver scan, dynamic and SPECT study
  • GE reflux study
  • RBC  blood pool study for GI bleed
  • Pertechnetate scan for Meckel's diverticulum
  • Brain SPECT
  • MIBI scan for Parathyroid Adenoma
  • Myocardial Viability Scan (SPECT and PET)
  • Whole Body 131 Iodine Scan (Ca Thyroid)

PET-CT scan (in Collaboration with MTMH):

  • 18-F FDG whole body PET/CT scan
  • 68-Ga PSMA whole body PET/CT scan
  • 68-Ga DOTA NOC whole body PET/CT scan
  • Brain PET
  • Cardiac Sarcoidosis Scan

(Please Contact 0657-6641352 for appointments)

Bone Mineral Density (DEXA) scans :

  • 3 sites scan
  • Whole Body Scan

Nuclear Medicine Therapy:

Radioiodine therapy for 

 •Hyperthyroidism and 

 •Remnant Ablation Therapy for differentiated Ca Thyroid 

177-Lutetium PSMA/ DOTA TATE therapy for Ca Prostate and NET (in collaboration with MTMH

Thyroid Clinic:

The thyroid clinic functions twice weekly to cater to a large number of patients referred for the management of thyroid disorders.

The timings are 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm every Monday and Thursday. Patients can take prior appointment from call centre 0657 66 44444.

New Facility:

Bone Densitometry is available in the department from February 2017.

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