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Medical Oncology


Tata main hospital, Jamshedpur established in 1908. It is one of the leading hospitals in the state of Jharkhand. Medical oncology wing of tata main hospital was established in year 2018.

Since its inception, department of medical oncology has been providing state of the art cancer care, not only to the patients of Jharkhand but also from neighboring states. In last three years department of medical oncology has constantly grown to become one of the best equipped medical oncology department in entire eastern part of India. 

Tata main hospital oncology wing has an integrated approach towards cancer care and has an experienced oncology team comprised of surgical, radiation and medical oncologists with support from various other specialties. Every cancer patient in tata main hospital is evaluated by the experienced oncology team and their cases are discussed in multidisciplinary tumor board before commencement of treatment. This ensures best possible treatment plan and care to the patient. 

Along with the patient care and services, the department of medical oncology is actively involved in various academic and research activities. Specialists from the department participate in various state, national and international conferences and webinars on regular basis. Moto of the department is to provide evidence-based sustainable treatment and care to every cancer patient.


  •          Systemic chemotherapy for solid tumors

  •         Targeted Therapy

  •         Immunotherapy

  •          Hematology oncology services (Blood, bone marrow malignancies)

  •          Pediatric oncology

  •        Bone Marrow Study

  •        Cytogenetics and molecular studies

  •        Bone marrow transplant (starting soon)

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