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Medical Oncology


Department of Medical Oncology is the first of its kind which has been established in Tata Main Hospital in 110 years.

The department deals with administration of Chemotherapy in solid and haematological disorders. Facilities for treatment of children, adults and elderly patients exist in the department. The department is equipped with newer modalities of treatment,which include systemic chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy as per the international norms and standards. The latest diagnostics and newer modalities of treatment are available. Children with haemato-oncological disorder are being treated with latest chemotherapy and targeted therapy with excellent results. 

The department is expanding very fast and facilities for bone-marrow transplant will be started very soon.


  •          Systemic Chemotherapy

  •         Targeted Therapy

  •         Immunotherapy

  •          Continuous Ambulatory Chemotherapy

  •        Bone Marrow Study

  •        Molecular Studies

  •        Cytogenetics 

  • Treatment based on Molecular and Cytogenetic studies

Doctors in this department