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Radiation Oncology


Department of radiotherapy is one of the oldest departments of Tata Main Hospital, dedicated for the treatment of Cancer patients since early fifties of the last century. The first Telecobalt machine was commissioned in 1954 & Cancer patient from eastern India were treated since then.

In 1974, Maherbhai Tata Memorial Hospital (MTMH) was established & the department collaborates with them for taking care of Cancer patient. MTMH is now equipped with high energy x ray machines i.e. Linear Accelerator providing Conventional, 3DCRT, IMRT etc. for precision radiotherapy treatment. We also have the facility for HDR Brachytherapy.

Apart from radiotherapy, chemotherapy is practised and the Tumour Board discusses the cases for advising line of management among the individual patient. There are Cancer detection Clinic (CDC). Pain & Palliative care Clinic advises pain management & supportive care to cancer patients.

Doctors in this department