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Critical Care Medicine


Critical Care Medicine is an important specialty which caters to seriously ill patients with life-threatening disease & organ failure. Such patients require life support systems or intensive monitoring. This support is provided by the Department of Critical Care Medicine comprising of an experienced, qualified and dedicated team with best of skills, the objective of which is to provide prompt,efficient and quality care to all patients.


Critical Care Medicine comprises ofa dedicated team working in a multidisciplinary Critical Care Unit having atotal of 32 Beds with state of art facilities, advanced equipment, life supportsystems and it runs 24x7, managed by a qualified and experienced teamcomprising of Consultants, Specialists, Registrars along with able support fromtrained Nurses & Technicians. The Hemodialysis unit, Sleep study center andBronchoscopy unit are all within the premises of the CCU. In addition, 16 bedsin the HDU also provide support to surgical patients.

The amalgamation of a protocolizeduniform care along with best clinical practices, and keeps the Unit at its bestin terms of patient care. The department also runs academic activities whichincludes NBE accredited FNB in Critical Care and ISCCM accredited courses likeIFCCM / IDCCM / CCTM and IDCCN, with a successful track record.

Doctors in this department