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Health Check Up Plans

Preventive Health Check-Up

Select your TMH Preventive Health Check-up, tailored to suit your body, fitness, health and lifestyle.

It comprises a base profile of tests which are absolutely essential to determine your health status. Our Customer care coordinator will arrange for you to meet doctors/ Physician Assistants who will take you through a highly customised set of tests to give you indicators for your health conditions.

Complete Health Profile 1 - Price Rs 1200

Test Description

  • ESR

Complete Health Profile 2 - Price Rs 1450

Comprehensive Health Profile 3 - Price Rs 3720

Diabetic Profile - Price Rs 1600

Hypertension Profile - Price Rs 1200

Anaemia Profile - Price Rs 1900

Kidney Function Test (Kidney Profile) - Price Rs 1100

Liver Function Test (Liver Profile) - Price Rs 600

Ortho Profile - Price Rs 1600

Pregnancy Profile - Price Rs 1400

Thalassemia Profile - Price Rs 1700

Pre Operative Profile - Price Rs 1200

GYN. Profile - Price Rs 1600

Fever Profile - Price Rs 1000

Cardiac Profile - Price Rs 2000

Coagulation Profile- Basic - Price Rs 500

Thyroid Profile - Price Rs 500

Routine Profile - Price Rs 400

Infertility Profile- Price Rs 1650

Importance of Preventive Health Check-up

The best way to prevent disease is to detect them early, which can be done only by regular health checks. The global burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer etc, has taken its toll on over 36 million people, annually. Health check-ups, early detection and appropriate management can result in better outcomes and lower risk of serious complications.

Fully Equipped TMH

Tata Main Hospital (TMH) is synonymous with Jamshedpur. It has been providing quality healthcare for more than a century. Now, for the first time at Jamshedpur, TMH brings to you a health monitor that will give you a healthy body and a peaceful mind; the essentials of a happy life ahead.

Where should I come?

Room No. 202, New OPD Complex, TMH
Reporting Time: 9:00 am
Check-up days: Monday to Saturday

For Booking Contact:

Mr. Bijay Kumar
Customer Care Co-ordinator
Phone No-0657-6641262/
Time : 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Except Sunday
E-mail: executivehealth@tatasteel.com
Website: www.tatamainhospital.com

Package Details:

Gold Health Check up package-Price Rs 3500

Executive Health Check up Group A - Price Rs 1800

Executive Health Check up Group B-Price Rs 2800

Executive Health Check up Group C - Price Rs 10300

Executive Health Check up Group D-Price Rs 12000

Executive Health Check up for TRF & TAYO - Price Rs 1150

Platinum Health Check up package - Price Rs 4150

Silver Health Check up package-Price Rs 2500

Well Women Health Check up package-Price Rs 4500